Fund Mandate Program

Reference Capital is distinguished as an investor by our close relationships with some of the world’s most influential industrial families connected to global operating businesses. This differentiated capital and our proprietary research allows us to access and develop bespoke investment opportunities that harness the strategic value of the global Reference Capital network. We provide our clients with the knowledge and access needed to navigate the complexities of venture capital. We seek to build resilient bespoke portfolios that compound returns with diverse sector exposure.

Thematic Funds

Reference Capital offers thematic funds, focused on fast-moving emerging sectors, specific geographies and specific stages. Through our sector and stage-specific funds, we have invested in some of the world's most exclusive managers globally. Our selection process includes both consistent best-in-class managers and emerging managers with a unique ability to access and invest in the world's most promising founders.

Direct Investments

Through our bottom-up research and extensive GP network, we are able to identify and access companies when they start to reach their first inflection point. We invest alongside top-tier venture capital firms, accessing promising companies under the same terms and conditions as the lead investors. We have co-invested alongside some of the world’s best-in-class funds.